Dieu est mort

I am very proud to share with you that my dad wrote a book (in French) during confinement and has now published it. The book is entitled Dieu est mort.

It is told through the perspective of Albert Huet, who was my great-grandfather, and is about Albert’s WWI experience. It’s based on things Albert used to tell my dad, as well as the diary that you can find on this website.It has my dad’s sense of humour and he had a lot of fun writing it.

“Non ce n’est pas un livre de plus de l’histoire de la guerre 14-18, c’est l’histoire de la guerre d’Albert Huet, mon grand-père, telle qu’il me l’a racontée. C’est son histoire à lui avec mes mots, mon humour, mon style à moi. Ce n’est certainement pas le futur prix Goncourt, mais j’espère que vous vous prendrez autant de plaisir à le lire que j’en ai pris à l’écrire.”

To purchase from the US.

To purchase from France.

Apparently the Kindle option has a translate feature but I don’t know how good the translation will be.