WWI Diary of Albert Huet

In 2016, the University of Florida digitized my great-grandfather’s diary of his experience and life as a soldier during World War I in France. One year later, they added additional documents such as photos, and I created a collection in the University of Florida’s Digital Collections.

On the WWI Diary of Albert Huet page, you will find the diary (which starts on page 5) as well as the additional documents. The diary is accompanied by a transcription of the text as is, a standardized French version of the text, and an English transcription.

In 2020 I added another component to the project. I created a digital map using the tool StoryMapJS from Knightlab. This map is based on Albert’s diary, in which he recollected his war experience. Each location connects to a specific page in the diary and for each entry, I provide short explanations in both French and English. The map is available on the “WWI Diary of Albert Huet: the Map” tab.

Finally, in the tab “Albert in Fiction” you can find the link to my father’s book, Dieu est mort, that he wrote during confinement between March and June 2020. This books is based on Albert’s WWI experience. It’s based on things Albert used to tell my dad, as well as the diary.