Learning to be a Librarian: Creating Research Guides and Documentation

Hello everyone,
I have been fairly quiet these past few months because I have been quite busy. I started my new job as the European Studies Librarian at the University of Florida on August 3 (Go Gators). One of my first tasks was to redo the research guides for the Romance languages. And if you have ever done this, you know this is a never-ending task!
I am so happy to share them today with you. If you have any feedback please let me know. I am always looking for new ways to improve them. You will find my contact information on the homepage of each guides.

  1.  French and Francophone Studies
  2.  Italian Studies
  3.  Portuguese Studies
  4.  Spanish Studies

I also created three documents that some of you may find helpful. The first was for a Spanish Literature class and the second one was for MA students in French. Both are very similar (not knowing exactly what their knowledge of library research was) and are divided into two parts. The first part gives some information about the Libraries and is accompanied by useful links (at least, I hope they are useful!). The second part showcases three important databases and explains to the students how to request the books and articles they find there. In class we went over how to properly search these databases. The third document details more how to use the MLA International Bibliography and how to borrow books from ILLIAD or UBorrow.

  1. Library Tools for SPW 4283
  2. Library Tools for MA Students in French
  3. MLA International Bibliography

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