Digital Humanities Roundtable for SFHS 2017

I am looking for panelists to participate in a roundtable I am organizing for SFHS 2017. The theme of this roundtable is “Digital Humanities in French and Francophone Studies.” Whether you are an experienced Digital Humanist, have an interest in creating a DH project, or consider yourself an informed critic of DH, please consider participating.
The goal of this roundtable is to bring together scholars at various career levels to discuss the state of Digital Humanities in French and Francophone Studies. Possible topics of discussion include:
– Digital Humanities projects (both research and teaching-focused);
– Reasons for entering the DH field;
– Issues encountered in DH project creation and management, or even;
– Shortcomings of the current DH field.
Please contact me at hhuet at  if you are interested in participating in this roundtable.

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