DH Awards: Time to Vote

Have you heard about the DH Awards? It started in 2012 and the goal is to recognize excellence in Digital Humanities.
The public nominates and votes for their favorite articles, tools or websites. The winners do not get any financial prize out of it, but it enables lots of projects to be in the spotlight. This year, there is even an award for the best contribution not in the English language. It’s too bad there is nothing in French. Hopefully, next year? (my “Mapping Decadence” project will most likely be in English, but maybe in the long term I will include a French translation).
The categories are as follows:
– Best DH contribution not in the English language
– Best use of DH for fun
– Best DH visualization or infographic
– Best DH tool or suite of tools
– Best DH blog post, article, or short publication
– Best DH project for public audiences
Here is the link for you to look at what’s being done in DH all over the world and to vote for your favorite projects.

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