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100 Digital Discoveries

The Publishing and Curation Services Department of the Penn State Libraries is proud to announce the launch of its new blog, 100 Digital Discoveries.
The goal of this blog is to put a spotlight on the various objects, collections, and projects to which Publishing and Curation Services and other departments and libraries contribute, or have contributed, an aspect of curation expertise.
The posts will be about various topics related to our digital collections (either born digital or which have been digitized for broader access and use): a specific object we find fascinating, how a collection has been used for research/teaching, how a project came into being, the different steps it takes to digitize a collection, etc. Our hope is that there will be innumerable discoveries arising from this blog, in both the writing and the reading of it.
Check out the first two posts about the Learning as Play project and the Advertising Trade Cards collection. And don’t forget to check back often as more posts will follow soon.

IAH Summer Residency

Great news: I have been selected as one of four recipients of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities Summer Residency (see my name at the very bottom of the page). What does it mean? I am receiving a grant of  4,000 dollars that will enable me to complete my dissertation and work on my “Mapping Decadence” article. It also means I won’t have to work in the summer, which will give me plenty of time to research and write.
I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Albert Huet

Albert Huet was my great-grandfather. And today, the mayor of my hometown dedicated his speech to him. Because in France, it is not Veterans’ Day. We are commemorating the Armistice of 1918. So all my thoughts are going to these young and inexperienced soldiers who fought a very cruel and long war. Merci Albert.
My dad just posted the video he took of the speech. It was a bit windy so the quality is not the best.