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Mapping Decadence: October 2020 Update

The Master Map of Mapping Decadence now features additional publishers and their locations. Click on the legend to find out which name is associated with each color. Click on any point on the map and the pop-ups will indicate the publisher’s name, their address, and whose books they published and when. As a reminder, the project focuses on four Decadent writers: Joris-Karl Huysmans, Jean Lorrain, Rachilde, and Marcel Schwob.

Mapping Decadence Update: New Content Added

Hello everyone,
I finally found some time to update Mapping Decadence and I am pleased to say that I have added the following content to my website:

  • An introduction to my analysis of Huysmans, Lorrain, Rachilde and Schwob‘s maps.
  • Story Maps for each author. The last slide includes a link to the larger map in case people want to see a bigger version of it.  But my Story Maps are interactive, that is to say, the pop-ups can still be displayed.
  • A short bibliography.

Again, this is my interpretation, my analysis, and I am sure many will disagree or see something different in the maps, which is great. This is what makes scholarship so rich. My goal originally was to have the maps and the data available for anyone interested in Decadence and France so I hope this proves useful.

Bye Bye State College, Hello Gainesville

Hello everyone,
I have great news for you. After months of being on the job market (and you all know how hard this is/was), my dream has finally come true. Starting on August 1, I will be the European Studies Librarian at the University of Florida. This is a tenure track position and I will be able to continue my research on Decadence, while developing my skills in all things Digital Humanities. I am very excited about this new chapter of my life and I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me all those years.
Now, it’s time I buy some sunscreen!

SHARP 2015

I will be presenting on Mapping Decadence at SHARP 2015 this July in Montréal. This is very exciting because SHARP has a Digital Project Showcase, which is where I will be talking about my very own digital mapping project. Looking forward to it and to visiting Montréal. It will also be great to have some feedback from colleagues on where to take my project next.

Mapping Decadence: Interview

Hello everyone,

I know I have not posted in a while, but I have been really busy this summer working on my dissertation and my mapping project.

I was interviewed a few weeks ago about the latter and the article has finally been published online (and has made it to the Penn State News page as well). I hope you enjoy reading it and learning more about what I am trying to achieve with this map.

I can’t wait to start the next step of this project. It seems that I come up with new ideas every week. Now it is just a question of thinking about what is doable.

The Graduate Exhibition

Yesterday, the Graduate School at Penn State hosted its Graduate Exhibition. It was the first time I participated. It is a great way for graduate students from very diverse fields to showcase their research and explain to people outside their field what they do. It is a tough exercise since we usually talk to people from our own field, but quite a worthwhile one.
I presented on my mapping project and many people were really interested in what I do. I can’t wait to develop this project even further.
You can find my poster here if you wanted to have a closer look. I uploaded it in Penn State’s repository, ScholarSphere.
My poster and Myself My Poster

Mapping Decadence: Conference

Good morning,
WSFH has finally uploaded the videos of the different panels that were recorded live and webcast during the conference.
If you want to hear more about my project, you can now watch me talk about it.
David Del Testa (Bucknell) was the commentator. You can find the video of his comments on the presentations here.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post.

Mapping Decadence

Two weeks ago, I attended the WSFH conference (Western Society for French History) in Atlanta. I organized a panel about Digital Humanities. I entitled it “Humanities in a Digital Age: Using Digital Tools for Research and Teaching”. The panel was webcast and recorded. I will put a link to the video as soon as it will be available.
My own talk was called Mapping Decadence:Visualizing Relationships Between Writers and Publishers. I will talk about it and publish it soon.