Mapping Decadence Update: New Content Added

Hello everyone,
I finally found some time to update Mapping Decadence and I am pleased to say that I have added the following content to my website:

  • An introduction to my analysis of Huysmans, Lorrain, Rachilde and Schwob‘s maps.
  • Story Maps for each author. The last slide includes a link to the larger map in case people want to see a bigger version of it.  But my Story Maps are interactive, that is to say, the pop-ups can still be displayed.
  • A short bibliography.

Again, this is my interpretation, my analysis, and I am sure many will disagree or see something different in the maps, which is great. This is what makes scholarship so rich. My goal originally was to have the maps and the data available for anyone interested in Decadence and France so I hope this proves useful.

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