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Getting to Know Your Library West Librarians

Last week, we launched a series of profile videos so you can get to know the amazing librarians who work at Library West at the University of Florida. Library West is the Humanities and Social Sciences library at UF. The videos were filmed during the Summer 2017 semester and were completed thanks to a Smathers Graduate Internship in Public Relations (see proposal). The goal with these videos is to show students and faculty that librarians are approachable as well as highlight how librarians can help patrons with their research needs and more (academic job market, instruction, etc…).

My video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1tSE51W_oo&index=6&list=PLm1EZOX-MZAV29cvdiIZbLytzv6J3elfj&t=0s . 

If you are interested in watching all the videos, the playlist is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1tSE51W_oo&index=6&list=PLm1EZOX-MZAV29cvdiIZbLytzv6J3elfj&t=0s

Image including different thumbnails from each librarian's videos.

New dLOC Video Tutorials in Spanish

Hello everyone,
A few weeks ago I was awarded a Smathers graduate student internship, which enabled me to hire a graduate student to support dLOC‘s ongoing efforts to enhance its website’s accessibility and ease of navigation for Spanish users.
Today we release the first task the intern had to do: create video tutorials in Spanish with captions on the following topics: What is dLOC? How does one do a simple search? How does one do a text search? How does one do an advanced search? How does one do a map search? And last but not least, How does one read an item and its metadata?
Thank you so much to my intern, Francesc Morales for his hard work on these.
PS: If for some reason you want to read my proposal for the internship, then please go ahead and have fun.