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Albert Huet

The World War I diary of my great-grandfather, Albert Huet, has been digitized. You can find a short biography (in French) as well as the link to the collection at: Also, I added a transcription on my website for each page. For example, see As Albert entered the war a century ago, I wanted to pay homage to him and the millions of soldier who died during World War I.

Coming Soon: World War I Diary of Albert Huet

A few years ago, my aunt made a discovery while cleaning my grandfather’s garage: a small notebook where my great-grandfather had written his memories and thoughts about World War I. We do not know when he wrote it but it is still in great condition.
We decided to digitize it for several reasons. First, this is a way for us to preserve it. Second, we thought it would be a valuable document for anyone, be they a high-school student or a scholar, to learn about the life and the views of a young man, coming from the countryside of Normandy with no proper education and training, and who was sent to fight and kill the enemy as he turned 18. And just as Albert Huet entered the war in 1916, 100 years later, I will share with you his diary.
I am currently working on the transcription as Albert’s handwriting can sometimes be hard to read but as soon as this is done, I will share everything with you.

Bye Bye State College, Hello Gainesville

Hello everyone,
I have great news for you. After months of being on the job market (and you all know how hard this is/was), my dream has finally come true. Starting on August 1, I will be the European Studies Librarian at the University of Florida. This is a tenure track position and I will be able to continue my research on Decadence, while developing my skills in all things Digital Humanities. I am very excited about this new chapter of my life and I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me all those years.
Now, it’s time I buy some sunscreen!

In honor of my great-grandfather

As today is November 11 and we are also commemorating the centennial of World War 1, I thought I should share with you an excerpt from my great-grandfather’s diary, that he wrote after the war ended. We found his diary a few years ago, in my grandparents’ garage, and it was a very emotional moment for all of us. My great-grandfather, Albert Huet, was a young man from Normandy when he entered the war in 1916 (he had just turned 18), and after being gassed a few weeks before the Armistice, he suffered all his life from lung issues.

Page 3 of Albert Huet's Diary.

Page 3 of Albert Huet’s Diary.